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What tasks can I outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

The most common question I get after “What is a Virtual Assistant?” is “What tasks can I outsource to a Virtual Assistant?”.  The short answer is “well pretty much everything” and the long answer…well read on for that.

If I client approaches me, and they are not sure what to outsource then I ask them to do this simple exercise. 

Monitor the tasks that they do on a regular basis that take them over 30 minutes.  Then keep a list of these over the course of a week.  At the end of the week, look at the list and put a tick next to the ones they like doing and – this is important – can do well! Then put a cross next to the ones they don’t enjoy doing and are..quite frankly a bit rubbish at.  Being honest here is the key!

You can probably guess where I am going here now. 

The list of tasks with a cross is the start of the list of things to outsource.  But before they even think of handing all of this over, I ask them to look again as chances are there are tasks on the list that they can stop doing or can do in a much more efficient way.   It really is a worthwhile exercise.

When the revised list is whittled down not every client just says, “ok takes these things off my hands”.  Often what happens is they pick one or 2 things as a starter and we go from there.

Some clients have never worked with a Virtual Assistant or even a PA before, so delegating can be uncomfortable at first.  It does get easier, especially when I remind them of all the reasons they contacted me in the first place – not enough hours in the day, working weekends, missing deadlines, not maxing out sales opportunities, no quality family time etc.

So, here’s a list of some of the tasks I’m doing for a bunch of my clients right now:

  • Co-ordinating diaries for meetings
  • Screening and replying to emails
  • Liaising with customers before and after a sale
  • Online consumer and competitor research
  • Recruiting new team members
  • Building relationships with suppliers and professional trades
  • Writing content for social media, newsletters and blogs
  • Curating images for use online
  • Advising on marketing strategies
  • Tracking payments and raising invoices
  • Booking travel and events
  • Sorting out their life

Why not start making your list today and see how many crosses you come up with and if they are a match to any of the above – then bingo –  get in touch!