Virtual Assistant Maidstone Kent

What does a Virtual Assistant wear to work?

Well for me the answer is anything and everything!

So far this week (and it’s only Wednesday) I’ve completed work for my clients wearing jeans, pyjamas, a dress, gym gear, and even a hard hat with hi-vis! Don’t get me started on all the different footwear!

Prior to starting my own business, I worked as a PA in the fashion and retail industry for around 18 years. You can imagine then, that I was used to wearing lots of different outfits. Especially as I took full advantage of my staff discounts. But everything was a bit samey. I needed to be smart, on-trend and professional day in day out, plus I was often encouraged to wear and represent the brand I worked for.

Now as a Virtual Assistant and my own boss (still feels good to say that!) I have so much more flexibility. My variety of ‘work’ outfits are determined, in the main, by the ‘life’ I fit in with my work.  Not the other way around. I personally select the clients I want to work with.  Whatsmore I can generally dictate when that work is completed.  This being determined by my commitment to other clients and of course my family.

No two days are the same, and the versatility of the work is what motivates me.  Every day I make a point to research a new tool or technique that I can add to my skill set.  I’m also frequently reviewing and researching online on behalf of my clients, to see if there are better and smarter ways they can work too.  In business, being smart is so much more than what you wear!

Being comfortable at work

A recent study has found that 61% of employees surveyed said they were more productive when the dress code is relaxed. Unless you are directly customer facing, there is no need to be suited and booted anymore. Being comfortable, trusted and valued at work is so important for personal growth and well-being, both being fundamental in increasing productivity, which is the end game after all.

Reset the balance

I am a firm believer in work-life balance. We only have 1 shot at it all.  So, if you feel the balance is tipped too far towards the work side then I’d suggest looking at ways to try and reset it a little. If you don’t know how to reset that balance I offer a free 30-minute consultation where I can review your current business pressures, and offer office solutions to overcome them.

Come to the party?

Or if you are interested in working with me an Associate VA, then I’d recommend you have a look at the services I offer and see whether these are a fit for you, or better still is there something new you can bring to the party? But don’t worry you won’t need to wear a party dress. Pyjamas will do just fine!

Either way, I’d love to hear from you to see how we can work smarter together.