I can support you to screen, filter and prioritise your emails. I can answer them on your behalf. I can set up auto rules for forwarding or filing to ensure your inbox never gets clogged again. I can arrange all your meetings for you, book venues, liaise with customers and clients. I can schedule your full calendar and work with you to keep you on track.

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I can support you to track what’s going on in your industry and what your competitors are doing. I can complete online research for your specific projects, or resource and attract talent for you. I can set up and maintain a customer database for you, and advise you how to get the best out of your CRM tool.


I can design and implement your email marketing campaigns on your chosen platform, and I’m actually an official Mailchimp Partner.  I can even write the content for you.  I can set up your social media accounts, for example Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I can schedule posts and monitor analytics to ensure your posts are hitting your target audience. I can update your WordPress or Wix website, monitor your website activity and suggest improvements to increase traffic.

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I can prepare and design your PowerPoint presentations for you. I can create Excel spreadsheets for you to track and monitor performance and KPIs. I can set up Word templates and letters for you. I can write content for your Exec Reports right through to your social media and email marketing campaigns.  I can help shape training manuals to upskill your team and educate your customers.


I can complete your business expenses on your behalf and track your mileage. I can set you up with Accounting software and support you to manage your cash flow.  I can produce and send invoices on your behalf and liaise with your team and customers to ensure payments are made on time.

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I can manage as much or as little of your business event as required. I can source and book venues, arrange team or social events. I can arrange small meetings or large-scale conferences. I can research and book the most cost effective travel options for your itinerary. I can produce detailed itineraries for you to ensure you keep on track when you are travelling. I can take on some of your personal arrangements like gift purchasing or booking your car in for a service.

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