Out and about

My principle location as Virtual Assistant is working from my home office (which of course I love!). It’s also great sometimes to have the opportunity to get ‘out and about’. This week I’ve been doing just that!

I started the week on a site visit with my Property client. I was inspecting some gorgeous new homes down in the Kent countryside, getting all that admin and paperwork super organised for the final sale. A nice way to spend a Monday!

Mid-week I’ve dedicated some time to get ‘out and about’ from a networking perspective, and I’ve connected with some great new associates and hopefully some potential new clients via LinkedIn.  The LinkedIn platform is not one I have used that extensively in the past but now it’s invaluable to me! It’s opened the door to a whole new world, and through it has stepped in a fantastic network of Virtual Assistants. 

By nature, VAs are supportive, knowledgeable, and passionate – so of course, they would be helpful right? I’ve been totally blown away and overwhelmingly impressed by all of them and the time and advice they have given me.  If you are reading this guys, thank you!

So now, after another rewarding week, I am finishing offI love camping 300x225 - Out and about at The PA Portal by immersing myself in the great outdoors. Yep, that’s right I’m going camping! I’ll be switching off the laptop and forgetting that Wi-Fi even exists, while I stomp about in the mud, gaze at the stars and melt those marshmallows. 

It’s official, research shows that camping makes you happy!  It’s all to do with serotonin (the happy hormone), more sunlight, (hoping for some of that), more oxygen, and a lot more increased physical activity (those tents don’t pitch themselves!).  I’m off ‘out and about’, and I’m a happy camper! See you next week!