Open for business

Open for business

A fantastic and fulfilling week at The PA Portal engaging with my first client, and liaising with a whole new network of business professionals, from solicitors to accountants, councils and planning offices. Property is a secret passion of mine and I am delighted to have landed my first client in this industry.  I now get paid for looking at million pound properties on Rightmove! Rightmove’s tagline is ‘Find Your Happy’, I think I may have found it!  Plus this week our website is finally live, so officially The PA Portal is open for business!

Also this week I’ve really enjoyed working with some fantastic software and apps like Trello, Xero, Tripcatcher, iAuditor amongst others – there are a wealth of tools out there, and what’s better a lot of them are free – they really do make us business owners work smarter and more efficiently, and are an absolute godsend to Virtual Assistants like me, to enable me to make my clients lives that bit smoother!

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What hasn’t made my life smooth this week has been my broadband provider! My first week working remotely from home and BT decided to let me down, big time! The network dropping in and out, on by so called BT ‘Smart Hub’, literally every 5 minutes. Despite this adversity, I managed to get all my jobs done and well ahead of the deadlines, with some really good client feedback! Phew! I even had to decamp to a café and my in-laws to keep logged on and The PA Portal open for business. But that’s the beauty and sheer benefit of my new life as a Virtual Assistant, I can be located anywhere in the world and still get the job done! As for BT? well, I’ve solved that problem and got compensation, nothing can get in our way!