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My Top 10 Tips to Detox your Inbox

Being a Virtual Personal Assistant means I have tons, and I mean tons of inboxes to manage. I could never stay on top of them all if I didn’t follow a structured approach and had a regular detox. It would completely stress me out if I had 100s or 1,000s of emails in my inbox that were just sitting there. What’s your inbox like?  How are your stress levels?

Does your inbox need a detox?

Do you just dip in and out of your email all the time?

Are you constantly checking emails but not actioning them?

Do you have a structured way to manage your inbox?

No? Ok then, this is where I can help. I’m really happy to support my client’s to stay on top of their emails and I’m really happy to share my Top 10 Tips with you on how you can do this too. So here goes!

My Top 10 tips to Detox your Inbox

  1. Turn off notifications knowing you have 100s or 1,000s of emails doesn’t help.
  2. Use Clean Fox (or similar) to unsubscribe from mailing list in batches.
  3. Create 3 ‘action’ folders (no more)
    1. Action
    2. Waiting On
    3. Reading
  4. Create Rules and Set Filters – by Subject or Sender to the 3 Folders.
  5. Sort emails by sender and batch file to your new 3 folders when doing initial clear down if not cleared out by new Rules and Filters.
  6. Create 1 extra folder called Other Stuff – clear everything left over into Other Stuff – chances are you don’t need it – now you have an empty Inbox.
  7. Diarise time each day/week/month for email management – answer and deal with emails in batches.
  8. When sending emails BCC others, don’t CC! You will then only get replies if they are intended for you to take action, fewer emails to deal with.
  9. Delete or delegate as you go.
  10. Stick to your new email management schedule – this is the most important part!

If you really can’t face the detox yourself then give me a call on 07399 618 527 and I can sort and detox your inbox as a one-off project or manage it on a daily basis for you, whatever works best for you!

If your inbox is super squeaky clean then quite frankly you are a superstar!

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