Virtual Assistant Maidstone Kent

Life can be simple

In our hectic, hassled and busy business lives we really need a reminder now and again to cut out the complexity. So, this week’s blog is all about focusing on the simple stuff. It’s not rocket science, but it will help. I promise.

It was World Simplicity Day yesterday.  I know!  There is a day for everything these days! Some useful, some not so. I bet you didn’t know that National Tequila day is coming up on 24th July. You’re welcome. Salud!

Now, let’s get on with the simple stuff. I’m a Virtual Personal Assistant and have dedicated my life to supporting others to get the job done. So here are some tips to help you too.

5 Simple Tips for Today


1. Write a list

Your brain is buzzing and you can’t remember all the things you are supposed to get done today. Chances are you probably don’t need to do half of them, but that doesn’t stop them taking up headspace. So, write them all down. Simple. Create a list. Clear your brain. Reset. Once it’s down you will feel better already.

It’s up to you whether you use pen & paper, iPhone notes, Google sheets, the choices are endless but whatever you get can your hands on quickly is best. When the list is written out and in front of you, you can then start to prioritise.  Mark all the really important things so they stand out, and then just focus on these for today. That’s all you need to do. Break the rest of the list down if you need to, the rest can wait, ready to go on tomorrow’s list. Ask yourself, is the world really going to end if it’s not done today?

2. Turn your email off

There are so many distractions at the desk, and email is the worst. If some of the things on your list need to absolutely get done today, then turn off your email. Simple. Stop the notifications and knuckle down.  Set up your auto replies, (if you think you need to) say you are in a meeting, any that’s not urgent can wait, and it will wait, you’ll see.  Now  you can really give your full attention to the important stuff and once it’s ticked off your list you will feel a whole heap better.

3. Declutter your desk

Dedicate some time, stand next to your desk and look at it, I mean really look at it. Can you even see the desk? I bet you can see a big pile of paperwork, receipts, and some dirty mugs maybe.  Switch that shredder on, grab a bin bag and start sorting. Simple.

There is no better therapy then decluttering. Even if you only spend 20 minutes on it today your desk will thank you for it. What’s more, you will almost certainly work smarter tomorrow in your better organised, clearer and calm space.

4. Don’t say yes to everything

Just say no. Simple. Obviously don’t be rude, just explain how tied up you are. Be honest. It will show your integrity. If you are given a task to do, or asked to make a meeting that you really don’t have time for, then learn to say no. You can’t be everywhere and do everything. Nobody can. Offer a time which works for you, then when that time comes you will be able to dedicate yourself to it and give it your ‘all’. Your colleagues or clients will thank you in the long run as you will undoubtedly do a much better job!

5. Do what you love

I don’t believe that anyone truly loves their job, but some of us are lucky enough to love a lot of what we do. But, there are always things that get left to last, and don’t drop off that list. So, what can you do about it?

On your list  circle the things you just can’t get done, or maybe just don’t want to do, and then start to  delegate. Just because you don’t love that element of your work, or maybe it doesn’t fit your skill set, chances are you will find someone that it does fit. Everyone is an expert in their own field, so you just need to find that someone.

As I said these 5 tips are simple, and even if you can only achieve just one today, don’t beat yourself up, you will be on the path to a simpler way of life. If you need any support achieving any of these 5 things then I would be happy to help, that’s what I do.