Virtual Assistant Maidstone Kent

Why it’s important to keep learning

Oh, my gosh, January is all go go go and I’ve realised I haven’t written a blog this year! What have I been up to and what is keeping The PA Portal so busy? Well, on top of my committed client work, I am taking and making the time to invest in ‘learning’.

Learning Strategy

As part of my 2017 business review and planning for 2018, I realised I wasn’t dedicating enough time to upskilling and learning new things. So now, I have diarised 30 minutes a day just to training. This might not seem a lot but over the course of a week that a full 2 1/2 hours of training. My mind is expanding at such a pace, it may actually explode.  So, I’m confident this level of learning is just right for me.

My Focus for Now

So why did I develop a learning strategy for my business? Obviously, I am confident in my abilities that I am delivering top-notch Virtual Personal Assistant services. I know this as I’ve got 5 happy clients!   However, I am still relatively new to the Virtual world and all the technology within it which as anyone knows is ever evolving.  Plus I have plans for The PA Portal in terms of growth and reach, it’s going places.

However, my focus, for now, is to get all techy and I’ve set myself a challenge to learn about a ton of new tools, techniques and apps. This week alone I am enrolled in 2 courses for video presenting skills and graphic design. Next week, I’ve signed up to an advanced Microsoft Outlook webinar and I’m also networking with some other local businesses.

Why I need to learn

With my expanding knowledge, I will gain confidence and ability. I will be able to add these skills to my already expanding repertoire, attract new clients, and streamline and improve my existing client’s businesses for the better.

When I set up my Virtual Assistant business I read a ton of studies about what makes a successful Entrepreneur, and it’s obvious really but one of the top reasons behind success is ‘learning’. To have a love of learning and to be continually trying to improve yourself is good for everyone and good for business.

Why? because no matter who you are you can’t possibly know everything so there is always room for growth. Learning opens up great networking opportunities. You can meet like-minded people and be inspired by them or their businesses. Learning offers you security as well. It’s important to remember that no business is safe from change, and it is always good to be one step ahead.

This is how I feel, and so far on this learning journey I have met some great people and I am totally inspired to take The PA Portal to the next level in 2018, watch this space!