Michelle Dowsett The PA Portal

Why I decided to hire my own Virtual Personal Assistant

The PA Portal is now just over a year old and since it’s launch I’ve been running at pretty much full capacity, with my first clients’ onboarding on day 1!  The last 12 months have been amazing and even more successful than I could have wished for.

Don’t get me wrong there have been difficulties along the way.  It’s not easy transitioning from an employee mindset to a business owner, and running your own business is certainly no walk in the park.  But nothing has thrown me off track.  I’ve learnt so much about myself personally, my own business and that of my clients’.

Now I am ready to learn more. I’m ready to reach out and engage with other business owners to see how I can help and support them too.  I honestly love helping people. So I have decided to hire my own Virtual Personal Assistant so I can do just that.

I know a PA has a PA! I love it and outsourcing really does work.  It helps me to focus on the bigger picture strategic stuff like business development and winning new business.  I’m now working ‘on’ the business rather than’ in it’ 24/7 and I’ve already secured some new clients this week.

So who is my Associate?  Well, let me introduce her to you.  Her name is Michelle Dowsett and I am so lucky she has chosen to work with me. She is new to the ‘Virtual’ world but so very talented. 

When I on-board Associates I need to ensure that they fully insured, registered with the ICO, clued up on GDPR and have the relevant complimentary experience to me.  I also like to get them to answer the following 5 questions about why they have chosen to work as an Associate at The PA Portal.  (these are entirely Michelle’s own words):

1. What is an Associate Virtual PA?

Associate work is basically like working as a PA for another PA. The lead PA outsources work to the Associate either because she is too busy, requires a different skill set or would be better investing their own time on a different project for their client or their own business.

2. What did you do before you became an Associate Virtual PA?

After getting my History Degree at the University of Sheffield 16 years ago, I held a number of varied roles within retail management, executive administration and more recently, in estate agency. I have worked with and managed small and large teams to deliver some fantastic results. Every role has required excellent communication, collaborative thinking and exacting organisational skills.

3. What or who inspired you to become an Associate Virtual PA?

Easy, it was Ann.

Having worked with Ann previously for a number of years within different roles in the same company, I have been a keen follower of the amazing journey she has had launching her own business, The PA Portal. She has been able to use her wealth of experience to relieve ‘admin anxiety’ for her clients and her positivity and can-do mentality is infectious! On a personal note, being a Virtual PA also means that I can structure my day around my clients’ needs as well as that of my family. I have a husband who works long hours and 2 daughters at school.

4. What skills or experience have you got that makes you stand out?

I have a wealth of knowledge of working with people and I offer an incredible work ethic which my previous employers have always been impressed by. I’m really passionate about delivering the best results, through organisation and problem solving and I am known for being a “bit of a perfectionist”. I am confident that my strong skill base will help support small businesses to achieve their business goals and give some much needed time back to small business owners.

5. What are you looking forward to most about working with The PA Portal?

Ann and I have different skills and personalities which complement each other exceptionally so we make a formidable team. I am really excited to be working closely with Ann again and meeting her existing clients and supporting her to continue the success she drives in their businesses. There is also a great opportunity for us to continue to spread the word about the many benefits of a Virtual PA and to accelerate the growth of The PA Portal.

So there you go.  Hopefully you know Michelle a bit better now!

If you’d like to consider outsourcing to a Virtual PA too then I’d love to hear from you.  Why not call me on 07399 618 527 or book in a free consultation now by emailing ann@thepaportal.co.uk