Down and dirty

A great week at The PA Portal keeping my clients organised and suggesting new ways of working to streamline processes.  I’ve also had some new client leads to follow up, so it’s been a busy one!

This weekend I am going to kick back, and get down and dirty.  Don’t worry this doesn’t carry an 18 certificate, you are safe to read on.  I’ll be getting mucky in the mulch, when I start to dig out my first ever vegetable garden.

Being a Virtual Assistant means I get to spend a lot of time at home.  I’ve really been enjoying taking my regular screen and tea breaks in the garden.  Before starting my business, I would work long days going to regional meetings with lengthy commutes.  Now all I need to do is walk the 33 steps from my desk to the great outdoors. Yep, I’ve counted them.

So, the railway sleepers are in.  2 bulk bags of soil are landing off the lorry tomorrow and then it’s over to the planting.  I know it’s probably not the right time of year to kick off the veggie plot, but when I have a project I like to get it done.  I’ve done my research and made my lists. I’m super lucky to have a dear friend who has donated lots of seeds, plus I’ll be calling in some favours for the big dig, and my daughter doesn’t know it yet but she’ll be mucking in too.

I will be nurturing, supporting and sheltering my veggies – to get the best possible outcome. I’m pretty confident that I will get a decent crop this Summer and into Autumn.  Especially, as it’s going to be a team effort.  Together we will reap the rewards of our efforts. Just like my clients at The PA Portal.  Working together, believing in tomorrow.

  “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” Audrey Hepburn.