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Client Interview – Emma Fitness

It is always a good idea to evaluate your business, where you are, where you have come from and to sense check that your clients are happy.

I encourage an open and trusting relationship with all my clients.  That way we both know that if something isn’t quite right, either one of us can let the other party know straight away. On top of this, I also hold regular Business Reviews with my clients to look at their business growth areas and goals and re-evaluate where my support is required.

As part of my most recent Client Business Reviews, I have introduced a new Client Interview. I’ve decided to incorporate this as a tool to share in Blogs like this one.  This means you can meet my clients and also understand a bit more about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of working with a Virtual Assistant. Plus it will help you to appreciate some of the benefits that outsourcing can offer.

This is my Interview with the very lovely Emma Goodman from Emma Fitness who I have been supporting for almost 2 years now. Emma is a Women’s Health & Fitness Expert. I first met Emma when I attended her Buggy Fitness class back in 2013 when my daughter was a few months old.  Our paths crossed again when she connected with me on Twitter.  I have also been her guest at her BNI Meridies networking group.

So here is Emma’s interview:

Why did you decide to reach out and start working with The PA Portal?

“I have worked with Virtual Assistants before but I had 2 very bad experiences. Everyone kept saying to me that I should outsource some of my admin tasks. The key turning point for me was my Mailchimp Monthly Newsletter. I knew I needed to send this out regularly but I just wasn’t finding the time as I was so busy with my clients and classes, I knew it was a missed opportunity so I got in touch with Ann to help me. Now she helps source content and pulls it all together in no time at all.  She has a real knack of knowing exactly what I want and need to say”.

What benefits have you seen as a result of outsourcing to The PA Portal?

“More business!! The regular and consistent format of the Newsletters and the clear communication with my client base has definitely driven more sales. My click-through rates are way above the industry standard and I get really positive feedback every time a Newsletter lands.

Ann was also there to hand-hold me through the whole GDPR process as I was a bit overwhelmed with all the jargon. She also helps manage my inbox when I need it and was really helpful and supportive when I redesigned my website. She helps me write content too and create images for social media!”.

“I now work in a much more structured way, the time I don’t spend on this admin has been reinvested into my business. I also now use my weekly ‘Magic Matrix’ to plan my workload and regularly drop new tasks into my ‘delegate box’.  I’ve learnt I don’t need to do everything myself!”

What would you say to someone who was thinking about outsourcing to The PA Portal?

“Do it! If you are already thinking about it, you know you need help and support – so sign up! You can just sign up for a single task or on an ad-hoc basis.  This helps if you aren’t sure how much time you will need or how much you can afford to start off. You can always grow this down the line as I have. I always thought my business wasn’t big enough to have a VA but once you start working with Ann you will see the real value for your business just like me.”

I love working with Emma and there isn’t anything Emma doesn’t know about Women’s Health & Fitness.  Thank you again Emma for agreeing to feature in this Blog.

If you’re interested in knowing more about my services or think it may be time for you to start outsourcing too then I offer a FREE 60-minute consultation. Email me ann@thepaportal.co.uk or call 07399 618 527