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Calm and in control

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Calm and in control.

A busy 2nd week at The PA Portal, completing my Social Media Marketing course, plus finishing off lots of legal documents, sorting insurances and data protection registration.

It feels great to finally be getting The PA Portal house in order. For someone like me, (what me? well I’m a bit of an excessive organiser) it makes me feel calm to know everything is in control.  Who doesn’t?

Despite all the busy business stuff going on this week, I managed to find some downtime to go for a run across the local orchards, fit in a body balance class and to rock up for my weekly yoga class today in flip flops, on appropriately world #flipflopday!

I’ve recently discovered yoga and the benefits have been amazing, the most important element for me is being able to switch off that busy brain and take the time to relax and refocus.  I felt the benefits more than ever this week as my brain has been whirring with excitement about all the future possibilities for The PA Portal.

It’s so important for everyone, especially business professionals, to take a break once in a while! So, I’m delighted that I can support my clients to do just that, by taking their admin off their hands they have time back to refocus, and feel calm and in control!